Tourmaline and opal, October’s birthstones and eighth wedding anniversary

The initial confusion of the Tourmaline stone’s identity is reflected in its name which derives from Sinhalese, the language of Sri Lanka Toramalli which means ‘mixed gems.’ It is also the gemstone that represents the eighth wedding anniversary.

Why we are in love with Tourmaline?

  1. Trigonal System: Tourmaline crystalizes in the trigonal system; no other common mineral has three sided prisms.

  2. Watermelon Variety: Watermelon Tourmaline is green on the outside and has a delicious pink colour on the inside.

Healing properties

  • Enhances energy

  • Removes blockages

  • Protect and repel from negativity

  • Provides emotional stability

This unique gemstone is  ideal to be made into statement jewellery pieces. The pink and red variety, also known as Rubellite is one of the most readily available Tourlamine colours.

Today, many celebrities choose to wear this vibrant gemstone, and English actress Emily Blunt is one of them:

Emily Blunt

wearing blue Tourmerine and Diamonds earrings

Quality Factors

Tourmaline has any varieties meaning it has a vast range of quality factors.

Watermelon Tourmaline Rough Crystal

This Brazilian crystal is a typical watermelon tourmaline, with a pink core surrounded

Rough Tourmaline Group

Tourmaline group from Himalaya mine, Mesa Grande, CA, USA. Gift of William F. Larson.


Tourmaline’s rainbow colours have a wide range of colour intensity and tone.

Colourful Tourmaline

These 12 intensely coloured Cu-bearing tourmaline (0.31 – 1.04 ct) were reportedly produced from a new locality in Nigeria. Courtesy of Barker & Co.

Variety of colors tourmaline

Variety Colours Of Tourmaline

Tourmaline’s rainbow colours have a wide range of colour intensity and tone.

1.53 ct. Paraiba tourmaline, Brazil. R068

Blue Polished Tourmaline

Clear and intense blue Tourmaline. 1.53 ct. Paraiba tourmaline, Brazil. R068


The green and blue varieties tend to have less visible inclusions than the pink or red Tourmaline.

Pink Tourmaline

Pink to red tourmaline often has more visible inclusions than green to blue varieties.

Clear Pink Tourmaline

California Tourmaline.One of the crystal specimens on display was a gift from tycoon, collector and morganite namesake J.P. Morgan to Andrew Carnegie.


As Tourmaline crystals are often long and slim, this allows cutters to cut more slender finished tones.

Different Cuts

Emerald cut, Oval Tourmarine cuts. The state of Maine has produced beautiful tourmalines. – Courtesy ICA.Courtesy of Boston Findings Co. Inc.

Cut example

Tourmaline crystals are often long, leading cutters to cut slender finished stones.

Jewellery With Tourmarine Crystal

Jewellery designers create custom mountings to accommodate the shape of fashioned tourmalines. – © GIA & Tino Hammid, courtesy Chris Almquist

Carat Weight

Tourmaline can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, this means that the value can often change with these varieties.

The value change for size varies with the variety.

Care And Cleaning

When cleaning Tourmaline, using warm soapy water is the best method. Using ultrasonic and steam cleaners could cause damage to the gemstone.

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