Opal is the birthstone that represents the month April.

Opal is the world’s most popular phenomenal gem. Many cultures have credited opal with supernatural origins and powers. Arabic legends say it falls from the heavens in flashes of lightning. The ancient Greeks believed opals gave their owners the gift of prophecy and guarded them from diseases. Europeans have long considered the gem a symbol of hope, purity and truth.

Why are we in love with opal?

  1. Formation: When opal formed, silica gel filled crevices in rock. As water evaporates, the silica is deposited in the form of tiny spheres.
  2. Interaction with Light: Opal’s flashing play-of-colour is caused by diffraction of light by silica spheres stacked like tiny Ping-Pong balls in a box.
  3. Unique: Opal’s arrays of silica form a fantastic variety of patterns and colours. No two opals are exactly like one another.

Opal is sometimes thought of to be a gem worn by the older lady, but today many popular celebrities such as Taylor Swift in the public eye are showing us that anyone can rock it, and just how beautiful these gems can be.

Taylor Swift Opal

Healing Properties

Opal is an emotional stone and reflects the mood of the wearer. It intensifies emotions and releases inhibitions as well as helping to encourage both freedom and independence. Opal enhances cosmic consciousness and induces physic and mystical visions. It stimulates originality and creativity. Helps to release anger and claim self worth, aiding in accessing and expressing one’s true self.

Quality Factors


Opal’s spectacular play-of-colour can display all the colours of the rainbow

Opal Colour


Experts expect different levels of clarity for different types of opals.

Opal Clarity


Fine opals are often cut into irregular shapes that keep as much play-of-colour as possible.

Opal Cut

Carat Weight

Opal has relatively low density so even larger sizes can be comfortable to wear.

Opal Carat Weight

Care and Cleaning

Clean your opal gently with mild detergent in warm water with a soft toothbrush or cloth. Avoid bleach, chemicals and cleaners.

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