Wow! The only word that comes to mind when describing how this year has been.

2018 was definitely our busiest year yet, what with the market season beginning a little earlier than usual, and even having the opportunity to host our very own blogger dinner back in May.

We started the year with the Ethical Brands for Fashion Revolution 2018 held at the fascinating Museum of Brands, Notting Hill. What an appropriate location and event to be part of, especially as we feel very strongly about Fashion revolution.

But that’s not all.

Our year continued, attending multiple markets throughout the spring and summer months such as: two Fair Luxury Events held between April and May, a fantastic start to the marketing season, having the opportunity to meet so many ethically like minded individuals. Being able to hear their positive feedback really inspired us to continue with these markets and the powerful networking that came with them.

These smaller markets lead onto our biggest event yet, the one and only Stylist Live… Stylist Live was probably our biggest milestone as a company, it wasn’t just any old market stall, this one was precise and took months of planning as a team. It was wonderful being able to discuss and create a pop up store that was able to fully represent our brand, with the pastel colours, ethical values and overall simplistic but sophisticated look. Let me tell you, Stylist was a heck of a weekend. But it was so worth it. As a team we came together the week after Stylist and were utterly overwhelmed by all the lovely support and feedback from our customers and even some influencers that we were able to meet.

We didn’t believe that our year could continue on such a high, but how it did. We were thrown straight into an extremely fast and furious Christmas. We were lucky enough to be invited to an event held at the prestigious Goldsmith’s centre as well as the House of St Barnabas Christmas Charity Event, where again we were able to meet so many lovely individuals who were interested in our jewellery.

A Happy New Year for all of us and can’t wait to see what 2019 is preparing for us!