Citrine and Topaz, November’s birthstones and the thirteenth anniversary gemstone.

Before modern gemology, Citrine’s bronze colouring caused it to be confused with Topaz. Its name was derived from the Latin word citrus, meaning “Cit-ron” which is in fact a fruit closely related to the Lemon.

Why we are in love with Citrine?

  1. Affordable: Even the finest Citrine has a very modest price tag. The larger gems remain affordable, as its price per carat does not dramatically rise even with an increase of size.
  2. Geodes: Giant hollow crystal-lined amethyst geodes from areas like Brazil are can often be heated to become giant citrine, called “Cathedrals.”
  3. Ametrine: In Bolivia, both amethyst and citrine colours can occur together in the same crystal, and these unique gems are therefore named Ametrine.

Rough Citrine


Polished Citrine gem

Healing Properties

  • Brings optimism and cheerfulness
  • Enhances your motivation
  • Aligns all the chakras (energy centres)

Today, citrine’s attractive colouring, durability and affordability make it one of the best selling yellow-to-orange gemstones. In the contemporary market its most popular shade is a deep, earthy brown or red.

Nowadays, many famous icons choose to wear this gorgeous gem, and English actress Camille Luddington is one of them:

Camille Luddington

Camille Luddington

Quality Factors


Citrine can be found in a range of different colours and tones. But the vivid yellows, reddish oranges and earth tones are the most popular with consumers.

This group of rough and fashioned citrines exhibits the reddish orange colors enjoyed by consumers. – Dan Van Rossen, courtesy ICA

Citrine’s colors range from pale brownish yellow shades like this one to intense reddish orange hues. – Robert Weldon


Visible inclusions are not very common in Citrine, however if they are present this can sometimes decrease the gem’s value.

Group of citrine gemstones on white.

Group of polished citrines

Most faceted citrine on the market has no eye-visible inclusions. - Robert Weldon

Most faceted citrine on the market has no eye-visible inclusions. – Robert Weldon


Most citrine is faceted in traditional rounds and fancy shapes, but you will also be able to find it fashioned into more unusual cuts and carvings.

Citrine carvings by gem designer Michael Dyber adorn a showcase at a Tucson gem show. – Eric Welch, courtesy Michael Dyber

Carat Weight

Citrine comes in an exceptionally wide range of sizes. Jewellery sized citrines are readily available in weights of up to 20 carats and more.

34.35 ct Lime Citrine Reflections.

34.35 ct Lime Citrine Reflections

Care and Cleaning

When cleaning Citrine, using warm soapy water is typically the safest method. In addition, using an ultrasonic cleaner can also work and too is a safe option for the gem. However, steam cleaning is definitely not recommended as it could cause a lot of damage to the stone.

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